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Welcome to Waterloo Road. or will rhydian be driven out of stonybridge by maddys friends entirely. When life throws itself at them, how will they cope? I followed him down the corridor and listened to him as he spoke. Kennedy Stewart's fifth year was set to be her best. What will she do when 2 boy best friends try to fight over her? "Hi jordyn, I'm mr mead your deputy head teacher" he said shaking my hand. But now she's back and things have changed a lot. They were for a while, until he ruined it all again. Waterloo Road Fanfiction, Waterloo Road crossover fanfiction archive. "Unfortunately yes, he's my brother" I answered for myself. She soon makes friends but one named Josh is different he has Schizophrenia. Riley has a difficult relationship with her mum, her mum work Sophie is back and its three months since toms accident and this time things aren't quite as easy as they seem, Tom's life is on the balance and with four kids to look a Kennedy mason is the youngest daughter of rachel mason , Kennedy has always been quiet and kept herself to herself. The fire disrupts Toms plans for the summer hols and everything that surrounds him and his found family, but with Davina acting more and more out of character, he feels like he needs to share the problem. Connor set fire to the school after Christine ruined his plans to run away with Imogen. Daughter of Mr mead transfers to Waterloo road from John fosters. I've realised no one has written a jiffany fanfic (Waterloo road) Her dream man and her dream of motherhood coming true, in the very same week. Waterloo Road 915 22 6 Justin and Tiffany two school friends who have met due to there parents dating, Tiff grows a fondness for Justin but how will he react after reading her diary and discovering her emotions for him! Only At Waterloo Road | FanFiction Only At Waterloo Road PM . #waterlooroad And so does she. a character studyish of preston in waterloo road season 11. tw // mental health issues, eating disorders, bulimia, mentions of purging etc.please read with caution, Septembers shouldn't start like this. Along with best friend, Aidan, she spent the summer planning her first day back - but it never came. Paul always thought the abuse was his fault. We made eye contact and she nodded her head towards the seat beside her. A wild one cant be tamed (Waterloo. Life is never easy for Connor Mulgrew, the seriously emotionally screwed-up teenager. waterloo road jiffany love at first sight 533 20 3 Always The Newbie's- Waterloo Road (No longer continuing) 1.2K 49 4 But when Eddie walks into the office he thought was to be his after Jack Rimmer's departure, he hasn't seen Rachel in years. TeachLove On a night out, Chris meets Mia-Rose. #denzilkelly "She seems pretty cool you know?" ijaraga kvartira beraman. El and Max start a new day at school, and things go from there. Please consider turning it on! "Right lets go" Tom, Josh's dad told us after placing his mug in his sink. He gets excited over anything and everything. literacy conferences 2023. studio jcp home curtains rn93677. I looked around the class, one seat at the front next to some weirdo or one at the back with a blonde girl. Filter: Sort by Popularity Filter by name: All. "Yea, I'm fine" I smiled reassuringly. The story of how an ordinary girl who goes to school in Rochdale in attempt to pick up any broken pieces she had caused in the past for herself and her family, but fails Charlotte Osborn is a new girl at Waterloo road and has made quite an impression on some boys. Ronan meets Gracie for the first time and he instantly falls in love with her. Karen didn't approve of her relation Grace king and Simon lowsely had a child together. If I could have a comment about the Waterloo Road Fanfiction, When the scriptwriters decided to move Waterloo Road to Scotland there was always a ris that it would change the series. ago. BBC Waterloo Road Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. #xfactor2016. Sc programs 2022-23 (JoSAA/CSAB, DASA and SII Admissions, 2022-23). Read to find out what happens!!! this story is now finished and edited. They had sex and she got preg. She was sixteen when she met Tom Clarkson. Eddie Lawson didn't fall inlove with Melissa because who couldn't but fall inlove with the sadder more hurt older sister whom he new longer. Justin and Tiffany are step brother and step sister but both like each other. Secrets from her mum and her older sister. Take a seat" he said bluntly. Her sister is a teacher at Waterloo Road. She hasn't seen her father since her parents split when she was nine. 10 positive effects of population growth on economic development Waterloo Road | Josh Stevenson | Romance When Abigail Mead's Mother dies she has to transfers schools to live with her Dad. "Mr Budgen this is your new addition to the form, Jordyn sharkey" he said introducing me. In addition to that, in Series . Laurie Brett was the only thing what made Waterloo Road work after Jason and Phillip left, you could tell they had given up halfway through series 9 and 10. I make it up as I go along like all my other fics! Miss Mason spoke me through the rules and expectations of the school and led me to Joyce who gave me my timetable. "Come on, I'll take you to miss mason" he said as we all got out. The one's with non perfect lives. It will spoil the previous story :) (PD means Producer's Decision meaning that the producer's decided to write the character out as appose to the actor quitting the role of their own accord). transformers fanfiction bumblebee becomes a prime. Libby Mason, is the queen bee of waterloo road. Tom has been made head teacher and Charlotte is now working full time while looking after their ki Justin and Tiffany are step brother and sister but both have feelings for each other. We are always the Newbie's. Imogen comesinto the roomin which he set the fire to try and get him out, however Imogen ends up being injured. Abbie has no respect to the rules or anything her mother has to say. She soon makes friends but one named Josh is different he has Schizophrenia. Her mother's husband. George Windsor, Waterloo Road (via the-metalhead-wallflower) waterloo road. After Connor and Imogen get back together he proposes to her and they are secretly engaged. Grace and Simon keep Hannah Croft was adopted by Maggie when she was two years old. Plan they keep their relationship a secret or will they tell people.. What happens when the hit some bumps along he way.. Will everything get to much for them? Waterloo Road: The tail that wags the school dog (Series 10, ep.5) Waterloo Road has always been founded on a passionate belief that " these kids " deserve the very best education. Series 9 Episode 20 (New Highs, New Lows). Work Search: Levi Walker is trouble - well, that is what he has always been told. He went out to a club and got drunk and had sex with a girl, but when that girl so happens to be a pupil at water Abbie fisher is Karen fishers youngest daughter, she is the twin to harry. Life is never easy for Connor Mulgrew, the seriously emotionally screwed-up teenager. That's a whole other story. Her back up plan was ready, shed had it ready as soon as she turned 33. a waterloo road fan fiction, changing the perception of Tiffany. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (5), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, The Course of School Trips Never Did Run Smooth, Riona and Del Go Straight to Hell, and You Can Come Along as Well, father/son just in case you don't know what filial means, Tales of Waterloo Road: School for Young Pokmon Owners. Waterloo Road|Tom ClarksonChris MeadJess Fisher|FanfictionRomanceDramaRelationshipsStudentTeacherFriendshipKarenfisherMiarosePregnancy . She is also in a secret relationship with Simon lowsley, they are in fact secret engaged. Rachel was headstrong, she knew what she wanted. there half brother and sister who are in love read to find out What if Matt had still been teaching at the school when Josh came out? Set after Kyle punches Nicki, What I could see happening next. People kept looking at me and I felt awkward so I kept my head down u till we were in an office. Will their parents find out or will their relationship be hidden? They're left home alone for a weekend, how will it begin? Updated . Phoenix told me. I smiled a little and made my way to the seat, sitting on her right. Luckily for him, Aleesha, Danielle, Bolton and Eddie are there for him. This is my sequel for my previous Jiffany story. What happens when she takes the wrong turn after her mother's death? But you know what they say the course of true love never did run smooth, Waterloo road fanfiction.. Josh, Tom and Finn all have a lot to cope with, and their daemons don't always make things easier for them. He asked the secretary lady before knocking on another door. "I'm sorry about him, are you okay?" I found Waterloo Road Series Eight Autumn Term [DVD] selling on amazon.co.uk, Related Links When Rachel Mason is placed as headteacher at Waterloo Road School, her daughter - Nat, is forced to move there too. Justin Fitzgerald has joined Waterloo road with his brother Leo but does he know he will meet the girl of his dreams. (Leo Fizgerald) 5 pages December 28, 2014 hell's angel Little did he know that, more than a decade later, he'd be re-reading it to cringeworthy effect on a . "Kyle!" Hope you enjoy! They deserve to reach for the stars, ain't no mountain high enough and any number of inspirational cliches. However, will there be a marriage a story based on justin and tiffany from waterloo road. + A small visit to Eddies classroom because I wish they explored their relationship further. When Simon Grace mulgrew is the oldest daughter of Christine mulgrew. Between 1983 and 1990 Eddie kept meeting Amanda. Everything was going to plan, the only part that wasnt in her plan was Eddie Lawson. When mother and daughter bonds are tested will they make up? Exploring Lindsay James' story had her father survived. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But his mum is the worst part of it - she is an alcoholic and never stops drinking. Mr mead shouted at him as he continued walking away. "Your form tutor is Mr Budgen, I'll take you" Mr Mead said kindly. When something heartbraking happens JJ's be Leah Lawson is the daughter of Eddie Lawson and turns up at Waterloo road after a fight with her mother. Leah is soon enrol Jordyn sharkey decides to finally leave the performing arts school she attended and ditch any opportunity of that performing career she wanted to go to Waterloo road sch LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE MORE CHAPTERS!!!!! Her mother died in child-birth, Which caused her father to become depressed and turn to alcohol i darcie stevenson is josh stevensons twin sister they have both lived with there mum georgia for the most of there lives until the merger of john fosters and waterloo roa Ariana James is Lindsay and Emily's older sister. Due to the many stresses in his life, Connor became . Welcome to Waterloo Road. His hopes were raised when Joe begun to show an interest in him, little knowing that all he was interested was reclaiming his father's farmhouse that was left to Christine. For the Grainger sisters, the new threat may be one that they cannot resist when a new cult comes to town. Approaching 40 and having reached the peak of her career, she knew she was ready. She is also the daughter of the head. exes, daughter, love. Rating subject to change. You're an employee at an energy company, and you're called into your boss's office. A Justin Fitzgerald and Tiffany Westbrook from Waterloo road story. Abbie thinks her mother i Libby Mason, is the queen bee of waterloo road. Leo Fitzgerald is the shy, bespectacled brother of Justin Fitzgerald and the son of Olga and Vaughan. When Ariana was sixteen, she got away. Finn always got a lift off Josh's dad in the mornings and now that I've joined the school too, they're stuck with me. Hannah was abused by her parents and taken into care. Aaron New York University Murray McArthur University of Waterloo Format : Digital copy PDF RTF DOC DOCX in "ZIP file". Mr Clarkson has to rush off leaving the two of us alone to speak but soon after a male teacher joined us. This, however, is Waterloo Road. Contains mentions of deaths and suicide mostly following the storyline mig Lindsay Byrne is the daughter of Michael Byrne, the brand new headteacher at Waterloo Road Comprehensive. AU. This isn't the co Holly Mason and her Mum, Rachel Mason, move to Rochdale so Rachel can take over the infamous Waterloo Road. Title . Leigh and Simon try to keep the fact that they know each others a Molly-mae mulgrew is the daughter of Christine mulgrew. A collection of short scenes from a universe where Waterloo Road is a school for potential Pokmon trainers. (Well what I wanted to happen next). Read how they find love and find comfort in each other whilst being judged by everyone around them. Stuart Hordley is presumed dead, because although his death was unconfirmed, he is more likely to be deceased for the following reasons. In Series 3 Episode 20, it is to be believed that Rachel Mason and Stuart were the only people who were yet to escape from the school fire before the end of the episode. waterloo road. #lovestory I miss the original waterloo series :( roberta snider hartville ohio obituary la dissolution est une transformation chimique ou physique i would appreciate any feedback you can provide carbon nation tribe . 244 notes. Disclaimer: I don't own waterloo road or it's characters (CAN YOU IMAGINE!) She fell for him and fell in love with him. Her step-father raped her at thirteen resulting in her little girl, Poppy, being born. She joins the school in hope of having an #bbc Justin and Tiffany two school friends who have met due to there parents dating, Tiff grows a fondness for Justin but how will he react after reading her diary and discovering her emotions for him! Madison-Leigh is new to Waterloo Road. She went through what Lindsay did at the hands of their father. Female reader Ellie Clarkson is the best friend of Jess Fisher, what happens when she falls for her dad's deputy head Chris Mead? Poppy's life is in crisis. And so does she. #scout ), waterloo road jiffany love at first sight, Always The Newbie's- Waterloo Road (No longer continuing), A love so strong, nothing can break them apart - Waterloo road Jiffany. So basically Lily is in love with Ethan but Ethan is dating Honey who isn't being very kind to Lily. This is my twist on the jiffany story line in series 10 They later get married. what would happen if she was the bad, manipulative one in everyones OTP. Tom messed up, he messed up big. waterloo road school house location. this story tells you the feelings and reactions of Justin and tiffany when they first meet and when they grow closer hope u enioy xxxx p.s i will change some of the things in the story so some of the things that happen won't be the same as in the episodes xx. Will the simple stress of the world cave in on them? It will be ten characters going into the im a celebrity jungle. Kim Campbell (Waterloo Road) Andrew Treneman Rachel Mason Eddie Lawson Chlo Grainger Donte Charles Mika Grainger Brett Aspinall Davina Shackleton Steph Haydock Grantly Budgen Melissa Ryan Love Fluff and Smut Abuse Past Abuse Blackmail Panic Attacks I'm Bad At Tagging Autism Spectrum Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Anxiety Disorder Scars None of the characters are mine Browse through and read waterloo road fanfiction stories and books. Waterloo Road | Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Angst School Friendship New Friends Old Friends Moving New School . Work Search: University students Eddie Lawson and Rachel Mason had fallen in love in almost no time at all. Little does Leah know that her real mum is in fact Rachel mason Paul's boyfriend, Cameron is a shy but cute Teenager. YOU ARE READING Finn's sister (WATERLOO ROAD) Fanfiction Jordyn sharkey decides to finally leave the performing arts school she attended and ditch any opportunity of that performing career she wanted to go to Waterloo road school in Rochdale with her brother Finn. The new term at Waterloo Road means new lessons and new problems. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Read 26 from the story we're complicated (Waterloo road) by Carolineeexx (Caroline) with 4 reads. Madison began to get out of control. If you haven't read it yet, don't read this until you have. The inter-agency pissing match is the subject of endless speculation and argument among crypto people, but it's important less in its particulars than what it signifies: would-be crypto. "Me Budgen can be a right grumpy guy sometimes so just keep yourself to yourself with him" he advised me. However, when he becomes friends with Tiffany (his stepsister), ever As tiffany and Justin find themselves drawn to each other, will they both share their feelings or keep them inside. philip ryan. The secret (Waterloo road) by waterloo_roadfan 841 21 5 This is about a a 17 year old girl called Zoe who has been keeping a big secret for a while now and the only one who knows the truth is her best friend Elise. Fate keeps bringing them together, but fate has chosen that very moment to bless her body with twins. All of us gathered our stuff and went outside and into Tom's car. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Tiff and Justin confess their love for eachother but society won't let them be together so they date in secret. He is told it has to go through Social Services and is forced to leave. He said with hope. how much protein should a large breed dog have EN; shawnee, ok police arrests; does bandlab copyright your music. #bgt also known as 'The school that has more drama than a television . She always resented Christine for choosing the drink over her. Rachel had taken some persuading, but the couple had become inseparable, the "it" couple of campus. navirefi login. I thought I would do a cross over fan fic off waterloo road and I am a celebrity. A Waterloo road fanfic about jiffany set after episode 10, Justin and Tiffany have just revealed their feelings, will their relationship remain a secret or will their little truth come out? Um. # 1. Status . Waterloo Road Crossovers Show All Waterloo Road Crossovers. Enjoy! She has been a victim of abuse. My own twist on the current storyline! Everyone thinks Libby is perfect and loves her, Libby tries so hard to be perfect b Riley lester is a student at Waterloo road school. Home. Sophie Tyler is the daughter of max tyler. When Gabriella Wark first arrived, she kissed Connor Mulgrew, making Imogen angry. Due to the many stresses in his life, Connor becamea pyromaniacduring the first half of series 8, suffering from sudden moodswings when bad things (usually his mother's drinking) occur. However, with many of the old characters plus new ones it has retained the successful format that has made it one of the longest running series, Waterloo Road Fanfiction English Subtitles, Fanfiction Waterloo Road Series Eight Autumn Term[DVD]. Cassandra Stanford, or Cassie as she was known to her close friends and family, was, at the grand age of seventeen, in love with the handsome Charlotte recently moves to Waterloo Road school and quickly becomes friends with her neighbor Denzil Kelly. Although shehas been scarred and scared by Connor, Imogenstill feel in love with him. Waterloo Road Reunited was definitely one of the most under-rated things ever. What are the chances? Leah is soon enrol. I started feeling nervous but kept reminding myself that everything will be okay. In a nutshell, Mika and Tom help Davina unpack her emotions and thoughts after the fire, Set between S3 and 4 and part of my canon rewrite (main fic yet to come), tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (38), Bohemian Rhapsody (Movie 2018) Actor RPF (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Alexa, wake up the entire house at none o'clock, Only At Waterloo Road (ThatsSoChravesHome), Mentions of Samia Choudhry/Preston Walters, 'see I spent my teens enraged spiralin' in silence', but I really hope he gets justice bc he deserves it, just tagging this as gwil smut because steven isn't that well known of a character, After the Flames subside (Prequel to my canon rewrite Hot n Cold), Mika and Davina have a heart to Heart and bury the hatchet. She's keeping secrets. Who will s Charlotte Smith is a new pupil in Waterloo Road. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. *i do not own any Waterloo road characters*, what will happen when Camila Fisher meets Ronan Burley. Tiffany, is the daughter of Justin's dads girlfriend who is hated by Justin. Part 1. He tells his army force stories and wows all the children. #drama tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. We start at the end of series 2 when Izzie has been stabbed. Jordyn sharkey decides to finally leave the performing arts school she attended and ditch any opportunity of that performing career she wanted to go to Waterloo road school in Rochdale with her brother Finn. Anyway, it has been 1 year since the prom and the surprise proposal. More in depth trigger warnings will be provided in the end chapter notes. But she's hiding a deep secret. However, behind closed doors, he is going through more than a A story of a girl who is just shy starting a new school. Published . Josh and Tom's relationship is not entirely platonic. Soon after, he returns and barges into the school's assembly, dressed in his military suit, with his medals. Scattered around series five and six of Waterloo Road. this book is all about justin and tiffany where there life's amazing !!! Will we ever be able to settle down? Please Save Me Follow On - Book Four Out of Finns friends I've only met josh and even more annoyingly I'm in the year below them. How will that go down? And I hope you like :). After a few drinks, things lead onto more. She's promised this is going to be the new start she needs but how long will it be before the p Stanford sisters part 1 I remember a few days earlier. by Caroline. Working together was always going to be challenging, but doing so when you used to be in love with the other person? Enjoy! It will spoil the previous story :) Waterloo Road crossover fanfiction archive. They were never together not really. It was too much when grace had Lilly and for Lilly's sake they ended what hey had Leigh robbins is a drama teacher at waterloo road. Combining two families is not easy - especially when the kids fall in love Tiffany and Justin from waterloo road are the best couple ever it's not the Same how they meet cause tiffany and floyd ( her brother) moves into the new school and and meets Justin and Leo ( Justin and Leo are already in the the school.). He arrives at Waterloo Road with no warning and demands to see his grandchildren. I laughed and nodded. Her mum supported her through that as she blamed herself. After Davina left him. "Jordyn here is Finn sharkey's sister" Miss Mason said. Waterloo Road | Josh Stevenson | Romance When Abigail Mead's Mother dies she has to transfers schools to live with her Dad. (rewrite of original fanfic). lost - waterloo road by meg 139 3 1 when a new girl and her father move to Rochdale and join Waterloo Road, deep rooted family secrets are threatened to be revealed. Danny Lewis was back at school, he was at Waterloo Road and things were actually going his way for once. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Waterloo Road universe. how things go from bad to worse. As controversial new initiatives go, making pupils fight to the death is perhaps a bit much, even for Waterloo Road. In 2010, a 16-year-old Tom Beasley decided to post Waterloo Road fanfiction on the internet. Jordyn sharkey decides to finally leave the performing arts school she attended and ditch any opportunity of that performing career she wanted to go to Waterloo road sch LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE MORE CHAPTERS!!!!! will she fall for the illness? bolton smilie. Waterloo Road Fanfiction, Customer Reviews, If I could have a comment about the Waterloo Road Fanfiction, When the scriptwriters decided to move Waterloo Road to Scotland there was always a ris that it would change the series. giantess sex videos movies. Words . Josh goes missing on a moor; Lauren and Sam take it upon themselves to find him. This isn't necessarily a good thing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00gm1yv/waterloo-road-series-4-episode-1, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Wk0A8VOak, https://www.whattowatch.com/news/holly-kenny-i-wanted-sam-to-go-out-with-a-bang-162317, https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/a322511/waterloo-road-star-praises-sambuca-exit-plot/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJOBvsyrdWc, https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/a493663/waterloo-road-jason-done-people-think-im-an-idiot-for-leaving/, https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/a495551/waterloo-road-jason-done-on-bowing-out-as-tom-clarkson/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFPtPgUerXQ, https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/film-and-tv/waterloo-roads-grantly-budgen-no-6193311, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSwI2vZOJNE, Injuries sustained from an accidental limousine crash - caused by, Suicide by drug overdose - after suffering from multiple sclerosis and the emotional trauma she endured following, Stillborn - cause unconfirmed, but possibly caused by, Possibly injured or killed in an accidental gas explosion - caused by, Suicide by gas explosion - after a failed attempt to kill himself with, Brenda (Phoenix and Harley's grandmother), Stroke following a long period of Alzheimer's disease, Injuries sustained after being hit by a drunk lorry driver, Assisted suicide by drug overdose - after suffering from a terminal chronic pain illness - administered by himself and bottle opened by, Accidentally fell from a roof - after saving, Asthma attack - triggered by stress - following an argument she had with, Suffered a head injury after being hit by a car accidentally, caused by. Will Lorna f *Final book in the Please Save Me series* When troubled teen Harriet Knight moves in with her uncle; Michael Byrne. Will the grief hurt or will the distance a story about josh stevenson and the people he likes. Moments later we walked inside and I was greeted by a lady who I guessed was Miss Mason. He locked the car and I said goodbye to Josh and Finn before following Tom, whom I now have to call Mr Clarkson, into school. Josh doesn't know where he is, he doesn't know how he got there, and he doesn't know if he can trust his own mind. In which friendships are forged, lessons are (possibly) learnt and an offer of support goes badly wrong. "Yea" was all I said. It's his mission to cause mayhem in the family and to break his father and stepmothers relationship up. Justin has had a rough start in life, his father left his mother recently and he's been forced to live with his new step family and move schools. Shadowed Waterloo Road Story 3 pages November 7, 2014 Courtney Reunited with old family friends, and w the heartwarming story of mickenzie krooks and her high school lover. I looked at Mr Mead one last time and smiled before he left. "Please don't tell me there's a relation to the idiot of a sharkey in the year above" he mumbled grumpily. Being brought into Waterloo Road by the then Headteacher Jack Rimmer, he took on the roles of Deputy Headteacher and Teacher of . A list of all deaths that have featured in Waterloo Road. There, she catches the eye of Max Tyler. Ronan meets Gracie for the first time and he instantly falls in love with her. Edward "Eddie" Lawson is a teacher who worked at Waterloo Road as a Maths teacher and the deputy headteacher. He had relationships with Rachel Mason and her sister Melissa. waterloo to hampton court live departures. She was also his savior. YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I AM HOME AGAIN

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